Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Teacher Stella's, Sasha class teacher standing in front to ask all the children to line up before going to the bowling alley.

Sasha's holding her bestfriend Davina's

Both of them are very closed..:) Every morning, Davina's always reserved a seat next to her for Sasha's coz their classroom is free seating.

Sasha's & Davina's so good friends. Me and the twin boys mom's (same class with Sasha) chatting there.

Sasha's enjoying taking pic..:)

I love to see both of them so closed, they really have a good friendship.

My bestfriend James also the MC and the Event staff in Tropicana Golf Club helping to coordinate the Family Day

Mike's the Magician

Sasha's and her classmate, korean girl Park-YongShu (sitting at right). Sasha's always called her baby coz she really cute and bubbly.

Sasha's looks so happy watching the magician doing some tricks

Sasha's and her bestfriend Davina's and at the right is her classmate Zain, a cute fat boy where he always walking around the classroom.

I love to see all their bubbly face, Sasha's with her classmates.

Sasha's & Davina's getting ready for their bowling games.

Magician doing sculpture balloon for all the children

Sasha's got her favourite colour, purple poodle

Sasha's waiting for her turn to bowl

Tropican staff teaching Sasha's how to bowl, actually they roll and bowl

Sasha's rolled the bowling ball

She is so happy to get the oranges and angpow from her principle

After a long holiday during CNY, Sasha has to go back to kindy on Monday. Her kindy organised a Family Day on the 1st day of school reopened. All the parents and children gathered at the kindy inside the club house then everyone walked to the Bowling Alley at Sport Wing.

There are some refreshment served, everyone have their breakfast before proceeding to see the magician entertain the children. After the magic show, we starts with children bowling. DH helped Sasha and her bestfriend, Davina to take the bowling ball coz too heavy for them to carry. So both of them just sit on the floor and roll the ball, haha...:) is so cute to see both of them. Too bad Davina's mom is not there to attend the Family day with her dd. After the bowling session finished, we have "LO SANG" with all the parents and children, then each child has a bag of mandarin oranges and an angpow with cash and gold coin chocalate inside. Too bad didn't managed to snap the "LO SANG" pic. We have snap a lot of others pic on them, is fun to see all the children with their laughter.


allthingspurple said...

kawan, u started blogging again ar? never inform oso.

I always enjoyed looking at Sasha's photos. She is such a pretty little thing.

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Haha..I have started back my blogging long time liao, Friend!

Baby Myra sleeping routine more consistant now, so I have more free time to blog lol! Thanks for your compliments on Sasha... Now Sasha's like a velcro to me after Baby Myra borned. She needs a lot of attention and always afraid I runaway la..I'm headache & stressed to handle her sometimes.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

wow it looks like a real nice kindy. i like sasha's uniform :) so cute to see her and her good friend together :D

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Is a year old kindy, very clean and well maintained. Is facing the golf course, a good greenery scene. Yaya, a lot of people like her uniform.