Monday, February 9, 2009


Nowadays kiddos really know how to pose ya..:)
Sasha with my classmate 2nd dd Miko and his eldest dd Miyuki
So cute and happy seeing children where they have no worries ..:)

Our supermodels pose..:)

Sasha & Miyuki

2 lil sweetie pies..

Miko & Sasha coloring inside Tony Roma's Restaurant

Both moms busy eating and drinking, haha..

Sasha with me and my classmate Adeline

We have our friends gathering dinner during 14th days of CNY at Tony Roma's Restaurant at Cineleisure. We organised our gathering dinner every year during CNY coz some of us only meet up once a year eventhough everyone just staying in Klang Valley only, haha...:)

DH, Sasha and I went for the dinner and I left Baby Myra with my maid at home. My classmate bring his wife and 2 dd and the rest are just couple or single. My classmate eldest dd is one year older than Sasha but both of them are classmates in kindy last year coz I sent Sasha to kindy during she is 3yrs old. She joined in my classmate dd, Miyuki where she is 4yrs old. Both of them are very good friend till now.

We finished our dinner at 10pm, then we walked around the Cineleisure to snap some pics for the kiddos. Around 11pm, everyone going home.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

those kids are really pretty and cute. love their outfit :D

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Haha..thanks ya..:)