Monday, March 9, 2009


Baby Myra enjoy sucking her fingers every now and then

This pic was taken during Myra 3.5mths old

Baby Myra cheeky smiles

Nowadays I'm very lazy to blog and don't know what to blog too, hehe..:) Suddenly something strikes me, why I never blog about my 2nd dd, Myra. I took a lot pics on Baby Myra, is just that sometimes the pics was downloaded to my DH Laptop and some went to mine.

Baby Myra is 4mths 8days old when I blog about her now. She is 80% breastfeeding & 20% formula milk coz I have not enough breastmilk for her. Eventhough she is not fully breastfeeding but her weight and height are growing very well.

During her 1st mth, she was extrememly difficult to take care. No day and night coz she will sleep till 11pm then woke up till 5am sleep again. I was exhausted coz taking care and breastfeeding (1st time breastfeeding) her during my confinement. I breastfed her every hour till I have phobia on breastfeeding coz she will sucks till I have sore and cracked nipples. I take care her day and night till lack of sleeps. The main problem is breastfeeding, I don't have knowledge at all coz I can't breastfeed Sasha last time.

Luckily I have my family, my good friends and clients and my gynae who fully supported me from my confinement till now. They really give me a lot breastfeeding and mentally support. I would sincerly like to thank you all of them especially my DH. He really cheers me up when I feel ups and downs and he listened and care about my problem and feelings too.

Baby Myra sleeping routine and breastfeeding are stable after she reached 1.5mths old. She sleeps around 10-11pm at night then wake up for breastfeeds at 3-4am.

Baby Myra is a happy-go-lucky baby, she loves to smile a lot eventhough she wakes up from her sleep and the 1st thing she does is to smile to us. She melted DH heart when he see her smiles to him. She loves to suck her fingers most of the time, she is learning to turn her body around, she will scream to attract people attention when we left her alone for too long.
I will post up her pics more, more & more..haha..:)


Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh myra is so adorable. she looks a lot like you :) bravo to you for being able to breastfeed her :) a lot of hardwork but it's worth it eh?

Jess said...

yeah, she look alike u cute!

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Hi! Mommy to Chumsy, haha.. thank you for your compliments. Yup, everyone see hers will said look alike me. At last I managed to bf her after all the struggling, but yes is worth alot.

Jess, thank you..:)