Monday, March 23, 2009


Lil Myra @ 4mths 3wks old

Lil Myra in the car

Lil Myra with her new outfits

My 2 dd & me

Sasha feeding Lil Myra

Lil Myra feeds herself

Lil Myra with her purple & brown crochet booties

Lil Myra with her strawberry shortcakes cloth diaper


chanelwong said...

you dresss both your princesses sooo well...

princessno2 said...

Myra so cute and sasha so pretty...

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh my your baby is so adorable. i love the white hat (is that what you call it?) with the pink flower. so cute. sasha is so pretty too. myra knows how to feed herself already? clever girl!!

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Thank you to 3 pretty mommies..:)

Chanel, I'm so crazy shopping for clothings for my 2 dd, hahaha.. Hubby always complained about me lol, only buy for dd and don't buy for myself.

Ammie, do you know Sasha is getting naughtier too, hmmm... Now Myra so smart screaming away for people attention and always chase after me to carry her when she sees me.

Mommy to Chumsy, haha..:) A lot of people saws Myra with the Flower Beanie hat, they told me she looks so adorable, some asked me where I bought the beanie hat too. Ya, she knows to hold the bottle when I want to feed her..