Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My parcel from USA
(contains Clothwear clothpads for my e-store, OLD NAVY & GAP Clothing)
Clothwear Clothpads (check out at http://www.babysashanmom.com/)

3 new designs (Orange Flowers, Blue Flowers & Ballerina)

OLD NAVY & GAP Clothings for Sasha, Myra and I

Blue ballerina shoes & Pink/White Sandals from OLD NAVY, Pink Suede Ballerina Shoes from GAP

Blue shorties from BABY GAP, Red Dress & Purple shorties from OLD NAVY

Tee's for Sasha & Myra

Pyjamas for Sasha & Myra

Cardigan & Blouse for Myra

OLD NAVY Jeans for myself. I love it, it's fits me so well coz I'm having difficulties to buy pants with my big bum bum, haha..:)

Sasha pose with her BABY GAP Blue shorties

Sasha loves her shoes & shorties so much that she wants me to snap pics for her

Sasha with her Red Dress from Old Navy & BABY GAP Ballerina shoes

Sasha on her OLD NAVY Sandals and purple tights (my own product that selling at my e-store now)

Eventhough I have my own online store yet I still love to shop online at other stores. My favourite stores are OLD NAVY & GAP, but they don't accept overseas order. So lucky I'm ordering some cloth pads from my supplier in US to sell at my e-store and she was so kind to help me to order the clothing that I have put in the shopping cart at OLD NAVY & GAP, she helped me to make the payment via her credit card too.

Here the goods arrived last week..:) Sasha & I love it so much and will order again ya, haha!


Jess said...

Wow all pretty pretty clothing ya!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh i love clothes from Gap and Old Navy. The girls' clothing are so pretty!!! The shoes are fabulous too. Your little ones are so lucky :D

Anonymous said...

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Sasha said...

WOW!!! shopping Spree!

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Haha.. Jess. Ya can't resist to buy lol!

Oh! Mommy to Chumsy, you also loves the clothings from these brands. I love it very much too. My hub always said the lil ones are lucky but Mommmy going bankrupt soon..

More shopping spree coming soon la..Sasha!

m11.in said...

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