Saturday, September 8, 2007


Today, it was my first time meeting Jenn, my new online store dealer. Jenn was nice and pleasant, we are easy to get along and talked about our child. I have an informal discussion with Jenn about cloth diapers at my tiny and messy apartment with my stock and Sasha toys spreading aroung here and there. She is a FTWM but plan to be a WAHM so she can take care her little son, ZheQi.

I shared with her my experience of using cloth diapers on Sasha. I started using it when I bought my first cloth diaper from an online store when Sasha was 9mths old. After using it, I found out that is really good coz bb no diaper rash and less fussy, Haha! save money on buying disposable too. Then I started to source for more CD for Sasha. Mommy's Touch is the 1st CD I sell it on my own online store. I showed Jenn my piles of CD stock; Bella Bottoms Fitted Diapers, Mommy's Touch Pocket Diapers, Happy Heiny's XL Aplix Diapers, some microfibre inserts and Puku Petit feeding & drinking bottles. Too bad, JustDuckyBaby and BabyBeeHinds Diapers not here yet, if not I can show to her how other diapers works compare each other.

Jenn brought along her ds, he was so cute and chubby lol! Sasha likes to play with him but she jealous and cried when I wanted to carry ZheQi. So naughty Sasha... Here are some of the pics that Sasha hold the camera to take ZheQi pics.

You see how ZheQi is posing when Sasha takes his pic.
This pic was taken by me. Sasha, ZheQi and Jenn.

Please give your support to Jenn, check out her online store at


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by my blog :D Sasha is such a pretty girl :D

BabySashaNMom said...

Hi! Thanks. She's very cheeky and active too. Sometimes beyond my control eventhough she afraid of me.

Your DS also pretty and cute too... I think she is same aged with Sasha. Sasha born in Jan 2005.