Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yesterday was playing on my new handphone that DH bought for my birthday. I haven't go thru the manual book and was wondering so many functions and how it works. So I tried to take Sasha pic and modified using one of the function inside. WOW! I found out that I can do a lot of design on Sasha pics...

After I have modified it on my handphone then I bluetooth to my laptop. See how nice the pics..:)

1st Pic

I can designed with balloons and stars

I can add on text and a nice ribbon on Sasha hair.

Not bad ya... new technology handphone worth of money too.


Evelyn said...

Sasha can be a mini model...
Looks so cute n adorable

Sweetpea said...

you're tagged :)

BabySashaNMom said...

Thanks Evelyn, ur Claryss too. :)

Huh! Sweetpea, I hv to check out on ur blog first, hehe!