Saturday, September 8, 2007


My sis has invited us to celebrate her birthday at my parents house on 7 Sept 2007. She bought KFC, Pizza and cake and all of us siblings bought her present. Haha! Not all, only me bought her present, my elder sis and my little brother told that they owed her the present and buy later lol! All the family members came home to celebrate with her.

See what naughty Sasha doing? She was angry with me that I don't let her hold the camera to take pic.

Sasha bully her popo (my mom) to be her model. This pic was taken by Sasha, little camera girl.

My sis Cece and Sasha cutting the birthday cake, the choco cake is so tasty that my sis ordered from Le Meridean Hotel. Looks who birthday huh! Sasha was there snatching the glamour :)

Haha! Our Malaysia Spice Girls. Yaya.. I know not all girls, my elder sis and me are women lol!
Bithday girl-younger sis Cece, elder sis Audrey, Sasha, Me & my niece Ann doing her peace sign.

Sasha with Ah Fu (my little brother) wearing nana jersey (Sasha means yellow like banana).

Sasha with Kong Kong & Popo (my parents)
That's all to share with you all. I'm very sleepy now and Sasha still want watching Mr. Bean cartoon. Sigh la!


shern's mom said...

hi sasha's mom,
thanks for visitin my blog.
sasha is such a doll. pretty, cute, comel everythin..

BabySashaNMom said...

Hi Shern Shern Mom! Thanks for your compliments on Sasha. She's cheeky and naughty lol! Your shern shern is cute too..
So when you planning 2nd bb??