Monday, October 1, 2007


I have been tagged by Sweetpea. Sweetpea wish to go back to, actually, just thinking about 17.

I missed my aged 31 coz when I delivered Sasha, she is my first baby and I can't breasfeeds her. I tried very hard to pump, compress and eat whatever food to produce milk supply yet no milk for Sasha. I breasfeeds her but after 1/2hr sucking she is still crying coz no milk supply for her. I have no choice, then I feed her with formula milk.

If I were go back, I hope I can breastfeeds her till she is 2yrs old.

Anyway she is getting 3yrs old next year Jan. I was happy that she is healthy and cheerful little girl. Eventhough she is not breastfeeds baby but she is a smart and cheeky baby. Mommy Luv U, Sasha.

What about you?
Christene, Charish, AnnieQ, Kittycat, Sasha

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Sasha said...

alamak , like my own mum telling me she love me..anyway brenda i lap u too! hahahhahah

Annie Q said...

hahahhahaha..laff at sasha comment!!
Another tag! I remember i owe u the earlier one..will do it as soon. Thanks brenda!

BabySashaNMom said...

Haha! Sasha u terrible lol! How can a young & pretty mom like me hv a daughter so big liao!

Annie, when you are going to finish my 2 tag ya??? Alwiz said asap, but didn't see leh!