Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Goodnight/Postpartum Cloth Pad - Wild Colors and Pasterl Colors

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From my previous blog, I have written my most embarassing moments. I was having heavy menstrual every month or twice a month. Due to inconsistent of my menstrual, that is why my menstrual came in very heavy flow and takes 7 days to finish. I was using 2 goodnight disposable pad when I go out coz I know I am a heavy wetter, hehe...sorry, is a heavy overflowed.
After using 2 disposable also can't avoid the menstrual flow out and stain on the leather sofa at Crocs Shop. I was so embarassed...(if you interested to know more about my most embarassed moment, check out at my blog)
The next day I quickly find the local online store who sells washable pads. After I have done all the reasearch and convinced myself that I have to use washable pad due to my heavy flow.... I was looking for more cloth pads from overseas to try on myself. So I bought a few brands and I tried, tried and tried...I found out that it really can help my period to reduce due to no chemical agent in the washable pad compare to a disposable pad. Then I decided to buy more to sell at my online store, something to share with those people who has the same problem with me or someone who interested to change to use cloth pad.

Last few days I received my cloth pads parcel from Canada, all came with in lovely prints. So after I have take those pics and upload into my site, the following days I have sent out a newsletter as below...
Hello Mommies,

Welcome to BabySashaNMom.Com where we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with superior products and service at the best possible price. By superior products we mean durable, safe, comfortable and functional cloth diapering systems that save your family hundreds of dollars compared to the throw away alternatives. In addition to the considerable cost savings, by using washable cloth diapers you are also helping conserve valuable natural resources. The benefits of cloth diapering which include a lower incidence of diaper rash, earlier potty training and avoidance of harsh chemicals found in disposable products.

Why Use Cloth Diapering for baby and why don't deserve a cloth Pads for yourself ?
Cloth menstrual pads are better for the environment, easy on the pocket book, and so much more comfortable than paper and plastic pads. No more sweaty, itchy, rashy, chafing paper and plastic pads! Instead you can use comfortable, organic, soft cotton, fleece, velour or other soft fabrics. No more adhesive sticking to your skin. No more running out of pads at the worst possible time. You'll have a fresh set of comfortable, clean and ready to use pads at hand with just a simple load of laundry.

If you menstruate for 33 years (age 12-45) and you use about 20-25 pads per cycle, you will throw away 8,000-10,000 pads! That's a lot of trash - and a lot of money and resources in the landfills.

Check out our e-store on our new arrival section of cloth pads from Many Moons Alternatives, Canada.

Thank you and Cheers Always!


I really suprised after sending out the newsletter, it was so quick I have received orders. It means that a lot of mommies are well equipped with the knowledge and advantages of cloth pads. Today I met 2 pretty mommies, Christene and Virginia at Kiz Sport. The place where I use to bring Sasha for a play at the Playland and where I normally meet my client there. These 2 pretty mommies came to buy the cloth pads that I am selling, for sure they love the prints and don't know which one to choose coz too many prints.
Got to go now...very sleepy now


chanelwong said...

have been eyeing on washable pad...saving money to buy....

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

Chanel, u can try few 1st, sure u will not regret.

shern's mom said...

first glance and i tot i saw eye-pad. then i read on and found out it's actually washable sanitary pads.
erm, cannot imagine having to scrub that bloody stain pad. Easy to come off? i mean the blood stain. But again, this wings no sticky tape, can kecut and leak out big time or not?
and lastly, how much?

Baby Sasha N Mom said...

So funny Shern's Mom..eye pad has so many sizes? hehe! make me laugh till roll over on d floor. Very easy to wash off, just wash away the bloody stain and soak in water or can add some salt into water and soak for 2hrs. Then wash with detergent.

It has snap button & it will not crumple like disp pad. Disp pad contains chemical agent and side effect. Long term using cloth pad, can reduce ur blood flow and no side effect on our vagina. A lot of women having womb disease is due to long term using disp pad which contains chemical agent

Get a try and you will noticed and know what I meant.