Monday, October 8, 2007


You see... the games addict, her left hand holding a potato bun and right hand playing the game.

Last Friday when we went to my parents house, Sasha was looking for something to play. Then my sis (Sasha Sayi, 3rd Aunt) and my niece (Sasha cousin sister, Ann) teach Sasha to play games on my Ann pc. She was playing the Diner Dash games.

She was a fast learner, they taught her a short while then she already mastered the game. She has to click and pull the customer to seat, take order, serve food and take the bill to customer. She just love to pull the customers to seat but don't want to take order, serve food and take the bill to the customer. When the customers seating there for too long, if no one come to take order, then they will go off. Then Sasha will scream away coz all the customers went off.

Sasha showing her "toot toot" mouth coz game over lol!

When we go to my parent house on last sunday, Sasha is looking for the pc to play the games again. My families said she will be the IT Genius when she's age 3, next year. Hopefully is IT Genius not Games Addict...

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Deana E said...

seeing your lovely daughter make me wana have give birth